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Абсолютный победитель конкурса "Ученик года-2016" - Казанцева Елизавета, 11-2 кл.
Победитель номинации "Надежда школы" - Крейнина Екатерина, 5а кл.


Победитель конкурса "Ученик года – 2016" - Ниязов Рамазан, 4Б класс
Победитель в номинации "Открытие года - 2016" - Ахмадеев Тимур, 3А класс
в начальной школе



Lomonosov Private School

Lomonosov Private School was established in 1993 in Moscow, Russia and has been successfully functioning since its establishment. There are about 500 children from the first year to the 11th form who attend this school. There 16 children in each class. The children are taught basic subjects including five foreign languages in accordance with the national school curriculum of the Russian Federation. Children also do extra-curricula activities such as music, sports, drama, arts and others. The school provides transport to and from school.

Apart from teaching basic subjects, the school also runs preparatory classes for pre-school children. There are about 400 children in this category. Children spend the whole day at school learning and taking part in about 30 other activities each of which determines how long a child will stay at school.

Lomonosov School has its own kindergarten with about 50 children. Lessons are conducted daily and the children are given 5 course meals. There are sleeping beds to help the children relax in the afternoon. Games, music and sports activities are rendered to the children in the kindergarten.

The main school, as well as the pre-school, employs about 400 staff including teachers, psychologists, medical personnel, speech therapists, administration staff and others who carry out day to day activities of the schools.

The in-city Lomonosov Schools are in three different locations with a total area of about 2 hectares. The territories and the buildings on them are the private properties of Lomonosov School.

Apart from the in-city schools, there are three other schools in the Moscow region. Two of them are boarding schools where children from local areas stay at school during the week. Children from other parts of the Russian Federation stay at school for the whole year. The boarding school is an example of a good educational and upbringing system, where children are taught under a strict discipline, good manners in a healthy atmosphere of the countryside and excellent diet.

Outstanding achievements of Lomonosov School are illustrated by the number of awards and prizes which have been won by Lomonosov schoolchildren and their teachers in various national and international Olympiads and competitions.

High standard education provided by Lomonosov School can be seen in nine of ten appraisal ratings surveys conducted by leading NGOs’ and government organizations. These surveys suggest that Lomonosov School is one of the best private schools in the RF.

All school leavers from Lomonosov School sit and pass the State Unified Exams with excellent marks. In 2010 school year, 33 % of the final year students from Lomonosov School scored 100% in Literature, and 8% in the Russian language. The above results put Lomonosov School in the 2% of the best schools in the RF.

Final year students from Lomonosov School get admission into prestigious universities in the USA and Europe as well as in Russia. Many school leavers enter Moscow State University (MSU) and Moscow State High School of Economics (MSHSE).

What makes Lomonosov School special and unique.
Lomonosov School has worked out and is successfully using a teaching technology – IntellecT to teach basic school subjects (Mathematics, Language and Literature study, History, Chemistry, Physics). This teaching technology is aimed at increasing:

  • effectiveness in teaching schoolchildren;
  • quality of assimilation, knowledge as well as skills acquired during the process of learning
  • students’ interest and motivation in the subject they are learning.

The technology is also aimed at reducing fatigue level in learning (as about 95% of Russian schoolchildren get really exhausted while learning) IntellecT teaching technology is used in teaching basic school subjects from year 1 to 8 at school without any demand for extra time by the teacher at the lesson. The technology helps schoolchildren develop and improve their intellectual capabilities. For this purpose over 330 workbooks for basic school subjects have been designed.

The IntellecT technology is universal and can be applied in teaching most basic subjects at school; teachers from both state and private schools take part in seminars organized by Lomonosov School to discuss effective ways of using the technology and have successfully been using it in their various schools.

The IntellecT technology is used in schools in Russia and abroad. For example, the technology has been used in schools in Latvia to teach Mathematics as well as the native language for 10 years already. In Azerbaijan, the IntellecT technology is used to teach basic subjects in the native language. As an illustration, the President School founded by the former president of Azerbaijan Aliev, has been using the technology for a number of years. Today, countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Germany have also begun adaptation of this new technology.

The IntellecT Olympiad is an intellectual competition, where intellectual abilities such as memory, attention, thinking and imagination are tested. Children compete to demonstrate their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Children from over 15 countries including Latin American countries take part in this Olympiad.

The IntellecT Olympiad takes place in stages. In the firs stage, 180 participants are selected from 6000 candidates who initially applied to participate. The selected candidates are then invited to Moscow or to the country where the Olympiad is being held. In 2007 the IntellecT Olympiad took place in Riga, Latvia. In 2012 the Olympiad is being planned to be held in Spain.

The Olympiad is a one-day competition held in two stages of 40 minutes each; after which 42 medals are awarded to different age groups of participants.

Another international Olympiad organized by Lomonosov School is the “Literate Russian”. This competition is for schoolchildren and students from different countries who learn the Russian language as a subject. What makes this Olympiad different from others is that, children participate to test their knowledge and demonstrate their intellectual abilities, that is why the winner could be a weaker pupil or student at school. Prizes are awarded for the following nominations “Functional literacy”, “Language learning capability”, “Accuracy”, “Oral Speech”, “Modern communicative skills”.

The Olympiad was made international by public request for foreign students learning the Russian language. In 2009 under the auspices of the “Russian World” – an NGO, the Olympiad was held in Latvia and China. Year 2-4 students from 7 universities in Beijing took part in the Olympiad which was held in China. This was reported at the III Assembly of the “Russian World” in the Chinese mass media. Organizers of the “Russian Literate” Olympiad are planning to organize the competition in Spain and Italy in the future during the Russian year in these countries.

There have been many requests from schools abroad asking Lomonosov School to organize such Olympiad in their countries or transfer necessary materials to enable them to organize the Olympiad themselves. In this regard, Lomonosov School is ready to generously cooperate and share information with interested partners.

Lomonosov School is a socially oriented  institution.
Lomonosov School is a leading member of a group called “Educational Club” – a united group of private schools for parents who want to choose private schools for their children, for teachers, directors of schools and for civil service personnel who work in the fields of education.

The school organizes seminars for specialists from state and private schools in Moscow and from other parts of Russia.

Every year teachers and administrative staff from state and private schools attend seminars organized by Lomonosov School to discuss how to use the IntellecT teaching technology. These seminars are lectures and practical lessons for primary and secondary school teachers teaching basic subjects at school. For school administration staff, the seminars include lessons in ‘class management’ using IntellecT technology. These seminars and lessons are conducted by the authour of the IntellecT technology and the scientific supervisor of Lomonosov School as well as the head of the scientific-methodological laboratory of the IntellecT technology and teachers working in the field.

At the end of these seminars participants are awarded certificates. During the seminars and lessons books, hand-outs and leaflets are provided and teachers are given sets of textbooks on the subjects they teach.

These seminars, organized by Lomonosov School, have helped teachers from state and private schools in Moscow, Moscow region and in Russia as a whole, to use the IntellecT technology successfully.

Lomonosov School has been organizing seminars for teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, librarians and school administrators in Moscow and around for five consecutive years now. The approval response and recommendations received from participants have been encouraging and favourable especially concerning the new method of how to work with texts for reading Lomonosov School in the Moscow region - the Green Cape in 2010 by the request of various Regional Departments of Education, organized a regional seminar “Project Activities for Schools’ for directors of schools, heads of various departments of the Ministry of Education in Moscow and the Moscow Region. More than 40 directors of schools attended the seminar.

The idea behind this kind of seminars is that project activities in most schools are taught in a simplified way, or even with ignorance. As a result, parents and teachers are unable to see the actual benefit of such activities at school. During the seminar, participants were able to see for themselves in practice and were convinced that, if project activities are well-organized, they can be effective and beneficial.

Lomonosov Private School organizes seminars in the school premises, provides accommodation and meals for teachers who take part in the seminars. The School also bears transportation cost, meals and accommodation for teachers from foreign countries where the Russian language is taught as a foreign language.

Lomonosov Private School is an inexhaustible source of information in the field of education. Our School is of interest to journalists and mass media in general. We are written about in newspapers as well as shown and spoken about on TV and radio. Journalists take into account and respect the authoritative and competent opinions of the professionals working for Lomonosov School.

Lomonosov School initiates events and celebrations in honour of the outstanding Russian scientist M.Lomonosov who the school is named after. Celebration of the 290 anniversary of his birthday organized by the school in 2001 was highlighted in the press. As the year 2011 is the 300 anniversary of his birthday Lomonosov School has designed more than 40 projects to celebrate this event on the national level.

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